GTA 3 Grand Theft Auto 3 Frosted Winter Free Download


The duration of the modification begins after the end of the plot of GTA 3 – Liberty City beginning in 2002. After the death of Don Salvatore Leone, 3 months elapsed, during which Tony Cipriani took the recesses of the board over the Leone family, since, according to tradition, the new don is selected from the capo. But soon everything had to change, because it was Joey Leone who should become a new don, fulfilling the last will of Salvatore. But there are two conditions. 1 – Joey should start a family. So he married Misty. 2 – Joey has to crank up a big deal that will be profitable for the mafia family.

It’s early 2002s. After the death of Don Salvatore Leone, Tony Cipriani took the leadership over the familly as the traditions say that a new don is ellected from the capos. And Tony was the most experienced of them all. But this soon had to be changed as Joey Leone had to become the new don on behalf of Salvatore’s last will. But there were two conditions. 1 – Joey had to create a familly. So he married Misty. 2 – Joey had to make a big deal which would bring profit to the familly. But then Tony betrays Joey and sends him to death. Joey survives. He’s on the run now, cannot return home, cannot trust enyone. Only one thing is on his mind now. Revenge…


GTA 3 Grand Theft Auto 3 Frosted Winter

সাময়িক সমস্যার কারণে ডাউনলোড লিংক সরিয়ে নেয়া হয়েছে এজন্য আমরা আন্তরিকভাবে দুঃখিত

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