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Vinnie Gogini – A races in the winnie panchinello family In Max Payne he is the right hand man of the Mafia Underboss Jack Lupino. in a word
She is portrayed as intelligent but playful, unexpected tendon of sexual companions, which includes lean addictive and call girls. in a word
Payne wounded him and challenged him on the street to question him about Jack Loopino’s position and kept him alive. In McPen 2, he became the under-boss in the first game due to high family loss. in a word
He is less afraid of near these times, and in the fight again with the Russian riot. He was wearing a bomb explosion located in the “Captain baseball bat boy” costume, which was killed by Vladimir Lem, during Gognitti. in a word
Vladimir Lem – Vald is a fine, old Russian Mafioso and Wadeen’s Proft. He is involved in the war with the Mafias in Max Payne, Outside and Outgoing, still still want to return to Jack Lupino. in a word
He made an agreement with Pane to capture Pane’s opponent, Don Puintinello, and to take possession of a freight portion of the military grade arms. in a word
For two years after Punchinello’s death, she climbed to the top, becoming a powerful Russian mafia leader, and even bought Jack Lupino’s Club, Ragana Rock, turned it into a vancouver called Fangin Restaurant. in a word
He started wearing a military dress and started wearing suits. He was killed by the pen in Owen’s palace, he killed Alfred Waden and was killed even after the seriously injured Mona Sax. Marco Cresce, the Finnish rock band Cride of the Faller, works as a model for the character of the first game. in a word
Raul Passos – Passos is a Sagar Paulo, a bodyguard from Brazil in Sao Paulo In McPen 3, he has been appointed for the highest job search for personal safety jobs. in a word
Rodrigo and his wife, while trying to abduct Phapiano, commandos were given the highest and pasos to protect Rodrigo Bronco and his family and were able to save them. in a word
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