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Cricket Free Download Windows PC Full Free Cricket is a bat-and-ball game that takes place between two groups of eleven players in cricket, in a word in which a rectangle of 20 meters (222D) pitch ends with a goal at each end. (One set) three wooden stumps, two sitting on it).

Each innings of the game is called an innings, during which a team tries to run as much as possible, trying to run as much as possible, bowling their opponents and trying to reduce the number of runs in the field. in a word

After the end of each innings, the team typically insert the roles for the next innings (eg, the team that had previously batted on their bound / field and vice-versa). in a word

According to the type of match, each batsman bats for one or two innings. The winning team is the one who has achieved the highest score, resulting in no extra (the result is no win / loss result).

In addition to the West Indies (1928), New Zealand (1930), Test cricket is gradually expanded in the 20th century. in a word

And India (1932) before World War II and then in Pakistan (1952), Sri Lanka (1982), Zimbabwe (1992) and Bangladesh (2000) post war times. in a word

As part of the boycott of apartheid, South Africa was banned from international cricket from 1970 to 1992. in a word

Cricket Free Download Windows PC Full Free